The objective of GrüneLabs is the production of special medicines that can treat neurological diseases and other pathologies.

The main reference in Latin America and the world about the studies of cannabis and other psychotropics, the doctor and researcher Elisaldo Carlini died on Wednesday 16 at the age of 90.

Carlini was a global pioneer in research on the therapeutic properties of cannabis. His students benefited thousands of people suffering from diseases such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and others.


GrüneLabs is a pharmaceutical laboratory located in Uruguay which seeks innovation in the processing of botanical specialties for the production of medicines with high technology, for children, adult and veterinary uses.


GrüneLabs aims to produce standardized active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), inputs used by the pharmaceutical industry for the development and production of drugs.

Each stage of the manufacturing process will be certified by GMP (good manufacturing practices).

The GMP certification is a requirement of the pharmaceutical industry that guarantees the consistency in the active ingredients that can affect the safety and effectiveness of a medicine.

As the world’s second largest producer of GMP certified medicinal cannabis in standardized flower, GrüneLabs will be authorized to export plant material and extracts for the global pharmaceutical industry.


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